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Citizen-Centered Leadership Development is an international coalition of people committed to actively engaging individuals with disabilities in self-directed, self-defined membership in community life.

Which Course is Right for You?

The Citizen-Centered Leadership Development Introductory series is right for you if:

  • you are curious about the theoretic under-pinning of Citizen-Centered Leadership
  • you are just being introduced to the field of community integration, inclusion, and person-centered support
  • you are pressed for time
  • you are interested in becoming familiar with a few of the topics yet not ready to take on each one
  • you want to get a jump start on the Citizen-Centered Leadership Development Community of Practice course

The Citizen-Centered Leadership Development Community of Practice intensive course is right for you if:

  • you are ready to deepen your understanding of the relationship between citizenship, leadership and disability
  • you are interested in learning with others from around the country and the world through a collaborative, generative process
  • you are willing and able to work with a minimum of two learning partners to move theory into practice
  • you have the support of your administration to innovate and to share what you are learning broadly across the organization
  • you are interested in facilitating a local community of practice using the tools and techniques from the course
  • you are willing and able to devote ample time to learning through reading, sharing, listening and reflection over 17 weeks (the course breaks for two weeks mid-way)

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Current Course


Leading by Design
Starts May 2, 2018.

Fundamentals of Person-Centered Work
June 13, 2018.